Can constructive dismissal be offered for seasonal employees?

constructive dismissal be offered for seasonal employees

To keep up with the demands of business and industry, employers often need to make significant changes to job duties. Some of these changes may impact employee job security, which can be a key factor in an employment contract violation. However, not every workplace change will lead to a constructive dismissal claim, especially if the employer has given proper notice and reason for the change.

If a change to a contract does not meet these requirements, it could be considered a breach and lead to a wrongful dismissal claim. A wrongful dismissal lawyer can help determine whether an employee has been constructively dismissed and can also advise on next steps.

While the term “constructive dismissal” is generally applied to employees who quit their jobs, this can actually apply to any situation where an employer has created intolerable working conditions for them. These conditions can include any major changes to an employee’s compensation, role or location that cause them to feel they cannot continue with the job.

Can constructive dismissal be offered for seasonal employees?

Often, these intolerable conditions are the result of behaviour that goes unchecked by management. For example, an employer might impose unreasonable workloads or subject employees to bullying and harassment. Employees should report incidents of inappropriate behaviour to their managers or HR representatives in order to take the appropriate action. However, many employers choose to ignore the problem, which can be very distressing for an employee who feels they have no other choice but to resign.

In some cases, an constructive dismissal lawyer will commit a fundamental breach of their contract and then wait to see if the employee quits as a result of this breach. The law states that an employee must give their employer reasonable time to remedy the breach, and a good lawyer can ensure this period is met. However, it is important for employees to understand the law around this so they are not accidentally committing a wrongful termination by quitting without giving their employer any chance to remedy a breach.

Another issue is where an employer may retaliate against an employee who raises a grievance or makes a complaint. This can include singling out an employee for negative attention, demeaning them in front of others, or refusing to investigate allegations of discrimination or harassment. An experienced wrongful termination lawyer can assist with this as well.

Constructive dismissal claims can be very complex. An employer should seek the consent of their employees before making major changes to their contracts, and they should also provide regular training on employment laws and how to avoid a constructive dismissal claim. It is also important for employees to recognize the signs of a constructive dismissal, speak up to their superiors and HR representatives, and seek legal advice as soon as possible if they believe they have been unfairly treated in the workplace. The sooner a claim is made, the more likely it is to succeed. For this reason, we encourage employees to contact a Toronto constructive dismissal attorney at Achkar Law as soon as they suspect a violation of their employment contract.

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