Breathe in before you expire

Pretty mouthful, huh? Say it quickly and you will probably stumble over the words. I saw this phrase in a church marquis while driving and it piqued my interest to the point that I thought about what it might mean. These are my thoughts.

Aspiring simply means having a longing or desire to do something and living to do it. An aspiring individual is ambitious, hopeful, and enthusiastic. This is the type of person you would want as a team player in your business, as he would keep the spirits and momentum flowing.

Inspire, on the other hand, refers to the spirit of encouragement, as well as the ability to stimulate creative activity. It’s that inner spark needed to make things happen, basically to get off the couch and into action. An inspiring person is uplifting, stimulating, exciting, and motivating. This person can light the fire necessary to start the action.

This is exactly what a coach does: light a fire within his client to make changes. What is a coach? Simply a guide who learns a perspective outside of the “game” of life the client is in. As a player in the middle of the game, it is difficult to see all the perspectives as that person concentrates on his position and point of view. An outsider can often see the bigger picture and offer new thoughts while encouraging and stimulating the individual to act.

As people go down their life path, they often find themselves in a place where they feel stuck. Perhaps they have been playing the “game” of their life for a while and are tired of the same playing field. Change is necessary, but they cannot see the big picture because they are still on the playing field. Or maybe they just want to do something more rewarding and different. Perhaps you have been to this place; maybe you’re there right now.

Inspiring someone to make changes and “take off” so that they can move in a new direction in their life is a very rewarding endeavor. Supporting a person who needs to know that someone cares can lift both people to a place of inner satisfaction. As an integrity coach, helping people see their potential and understand that if they can imagine it, they can do it is the most fulfilling aspect of my life. Seeing a person make positive changes in their life and seeing the smile on their face once they “get it” really makes my heart race.

But we can take inspiration a step further and refer to a deeper meaning. Inspiration can also refer to divine guidance. In this context, it means to breathe or breathe into the lungs as the breath of life. Inspiration here is the flow of a divine energy that easily enters one’s thoughts and heart without any foresight or contemplation. My books come this way and I’m sure most authors would attest to this kind of inspiration when writing their works. In fact, every day of my life I am regularly influenced by divine wisdom and I cannot imagine life without this guidance. An inspired life like this leaves the ego out of the equation for the most part.

I believe that allowing yourself to be inspired and then sharing your thoughts, words and actions with others to inspire them in some way is the ultimate satisfaction in this life. Each of us came here with a gift to share and our responsibility is to discover it with inspired guidance, allowing inspiration to help you develop and then taking inspired action to do so. The inspired life is driven by the spirit, while a habitual lifestyle is driven by the ego.

Maybe you’ve been pushed in a new direction – changing your calling, writing a book, receiving training, starting a new business – but you’re hesitating because you doubt you have the time, resources, or capabilities to do so. or you are simply in a state of fear to move in this new direction. Chances are, you are receiving divine inspiration, and if you follow that guidance, you will get amazing results that will include inner peace and fulfillment. Perhaps you have felt guided to help others in some way, to support, love, guide, or encourage them on their journey.

There is no greater joy than knowing that you inspired someone to act. Many leave this planet with their music still within them, and what a tragedy that is. Perhaps all they needed was someone to inspire and stimulate them, to believe in them and help them see their potential. What a gift it would be for that person to receive it. And think how wonderful it would be if you were the giver of that gift!

So in summing up the meaning of the phrase aspire to breathe in before you expire, you are simply claiming to have the desire to awaken and positively influence a person to act to fulfill their innermost desires before they die and leave this planet. And it applies to you as well, allowing inspiration to flow through you so that you too can experience an inspired life. As always, the choice is yours! Be the inspiration!

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