Beabull puppies ask for potty breaks

Beabull puppies are very intelligent dogs, so you probably have a little one running around your feet right now. You are probably also starting to train at home and want to make sure you get everything right the first time. A very important part of house training is making sure your Beaubull puppy knows how to ask out. We have the tips to train you to do just that!

Many dogs are the silent questioners who stand by the door and wait patiently for someone to read their minds. By the time you realize it, they are practically crossing their legs. Teaching your dog to let you know that he has to go is important; teaching him to make it sound loud and clear is even better.

Get a set of bells from your local craft store and hang them by the door where you take your Beabull puppy to the bathroom. Make sure the bells are close enough to the ground for your pup to be able to reach them. Get yourself a handful of treats and take your dog to the door. Place the bells on your puppy’s face and say “knock.” When he touches them with his nose, praise him immediately and give him a treat. Repeat this every time you take him outside. After a few trips, try moving the hoods further or to the side to make sure you really understand what it is supposed to do.

When your Beabull puppy is ringing the bells without you holding them, ask him to “ring” them before each potty break. Once you ring the bells, let it out. Soon, you will find that the bells open the door and will do this every time you need to go to the bathroom. Now you can listen to their request from the other room!

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