Basketball jump drills to improve your vertical jump

Many athletes dream of increasing their vertical jump, especially for basketball players who would like to be able to shoot.

The height of our vertical jump implies our explosion and the general strength of the legs. Having strong core strength is also an important factor for our vertical jump. As such, you also need to condition your core muscles. Here are some exercises you can do at home or at the gym to improve your vertical jump.


Having flexibility is important to jump high. You need to do stretching daily, which will improve and strengthen your muscles so that your body becomes more flexible. Stretching before and after training is recommended.

Keep jumping:

You can use a jump rope, which is an amazing exercise to train your vertical jump. The movement of the jump rope will also help improve your jumping explosion. At the same time, it helps to pump your heart and train your cardio together. You can add a pair of ankle weights to your routine, but remember to take care to avoid injury.

Doing squats:

Squats are a good exercise to strengthen the core and legs. Remember to do a proper squat by keeping your back straight and your hips back as you squat. Another tip is that your knees should not be bent forward to avoid knee pain. To increase explosiveness, get up quickly after bending over. By doing so, you will also help train your calf muscles. Try to do between 6 and 8 repetitions.

Do calf raises:

Jumping high mainly involves an explosion. By doing calf raises, you will improve the explosiveness of your vertical jump. The idea of ​​this exercise is simple, first place your feet on a platform and lift your legs using the balls of your feet. The most important thing to remember is that you are not trying to build muscle, you are trying to build the bang.

You can add some weight to your workout if you’re at the gym by placing them on your knees. It is advisable to use less weight and maximize repetitions.

These are some of the exercises that can help you improve your jumping. There are also programs or workshops that teach you how to jump higher in a few weeks. You can look at such programs or workouts and invest in them if you really want to improve your basketball jumping skills.

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