An Uncensored Review Of Massive PPV Traffic Pay Per View Advertising Course

I bought the Mass PPV Traffic course and during the process I was presented with 3 or 4 “wait a minute I have another offer”. There were many of them. These guys are pretty pushy salespeople.

When I finally got to the thank you page, there were plenty of other back-end offers as well. I was a bit concerned to see that many of the back-end offers would not have given credit to the original affiliate who referred the site. They even had a final offer on what appeared to be one of their own products on ClickBank and had THEIR affiliate link on there. This ensured that your cookie was there instead of an affiliate. If I’m wrong on this, please correct me, but that’s how it seemed to me.

I managed to find the videos of the course. I looked at each one and took notes. Their philosophy is to look up the viewer’s email address and not use the direct linking method where you link directly to the affiliate offer. I agree with this philosophy. If you’re linking directly to the offer, you’re not building anything. It’s much better to have a list, as we know, that we can keep marketing to over and over again with related offers.

They talk about creating capture pages. They suggest making sure the capture page fits the size of the grid popup and that everything is in the top half of the page. The viewer shouldn’t have to scroll down. They also suggest having no more or less than 5 bullet points outlining the benefits of your offer and a clear call to action. They also gave some tips on how to add credibility to your landing page.

They suggest using URLs of related sites instead of keywords to target ppv ads. They suggest scraping URLs from Alexa, Quantcast, and Google by hand until you get a targeted list of at least 500 URLs that you can use as keywords for your ppv traffic campaign. They have an upsell for a URL extraction software that you can buy. However, if you do a search for PPV Sniper, you can download this free software that does the same thing.

They also stress the importance of split testing. I really like this and this is something I haven’t done enough of. They even include a simple URL rotator script to use to rotate your offers. They show you how to use form tracking in AWeber to track signup rates for the different campaigns you’re testing. I really appreciated this easy to implement tip.

The course recommends Media Traffic as the ppv network to use. However, they also give a list of others that you can try. They talked about creating category campaigns that get you even cheaper but somewhat less targeted traffic. Offers that have very high overall appeal might be worth testing. Network run campaigns are highly discouraged on the course.

Once I got over the hype, I really liked the course. I learned some techniques that I think will definitely improve my game, and for me, since I will actually use these ideas, it was easily worth the $75. (sorry, $77. What about the $7 in all ebook prices etc.?)

If you’re an entrepreneur, you can search for “URL scraping with Quantacast, Google, etc.”, “split test ppv campaigns with Aweber,” etc. and you probably get most of the information for free. Or you can just save time and buy the course.

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