Sometimes you do something and you feel like writing about it. Sometimes the words dance in your head, forming a poem or a series of paragraphs. This was one of those times. I redecorated my living room over the course of a weekend, and the words were there, waiting to be put on paper. At first it seemed silly to send this out into the universe, but it made me smile every time I read it and happily reminded me of that crazy decorating day. I hope it makes you smile too.

She wants to move the furniture

We have Sunday afternoon.

It’s always fun to decorate.

But first, empty the room.

The room looks dull, so get some paint,

He decides to engrave a square.

Big and beautiful, slate black,

Maybe he will paint a couple?

The paint is drying, the furniture is outside,

The carpet that brings back.

It’s old, it’s small, but it has to do,

Now let the fun begin.

Push the sofa to the other side of the room,

Move the rug at an angle.

Amused, she decides to vacuum the floor,

After finding a fork and a bracelet.

Thought she was careful, but not careful enough,

Look at the scratched wooden floor.

There’s no need to fix it, just cover it up,

Moving the rug some more.

The sofa sits on the carpet, it looks big,

She sits in a chair to the side.

The flesh is old, the cloth worn,

And now, she’s over it!

She picks it up and throws it away

With a strength he never knew.

He quickly finds another chair,

Luckily, he has quite a few.

Another chair, another side,

The sofa moves again.

She stops and moves it back some more,

some more, then more again!

He decides to have a cup of tea,

To think about many things.

Look at the disorder, and dream of poems,

Of Coles and Kings.

He gets up and washes his cup,

Determined to finish the room.

She checks the paint, and sees that it’s dry,

Sweep the floor with a broom.

Bring a shelf, some lamps and a painting.

Cushions, photographs, crockery and tables.

Arrange flowers and wash the floor,

Adjust the curtains and open the door.

The afternoon is over, smile, at the end.

His house is different now, but he didn’t spend a penny…..

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