5 Sex Positions To Make Her Scream Your Name With Ecstasy

Do you stick to one or two sexual positions every time you have sex with your girlfriend/wife? Are things getting boring in the bedroom? If you answer YES to any of the above questions, you need to do something different tonight.

Sticking with the same old positions in the bedroom will bore your lady and make it extremely difficult for her to enjoy sex. If you want to satisfy her in her bed and give her an amazing orgasm, you MUST try the 5 sex positions that I am going to share with you here.

The 5 sexual positions that I am going to share with you here are very well received by many women and I think your girl will definitely try them. Give them a try tonight and see what happens:

1. Sit on the bed with both legs crossed. Then let her climb onto your lap, with both legs wrapped around you. This woman-on-top position allows you control of thrusting and maximum space for clitoral stimulation.

2. Target her G-spot as it is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Get him down on all fours and enter from behind. To make it a bit different from the traditional doggy style position and to make it easier for you to stimulate her G-spot during intercourse, have her lower her upper body and lean her rear up toward the ceiling. Then, push her from behind into a half squat position. Control your pace and see your response. She will love you for it and will scream your name in ecstasy.

3. Make her lean against a wall and enter her from behind. To do so, you need to crouch down a bit. Make it rough and make it naughty. She will love this position as you can tilt her any way you want.

4. Missionary position on a couch. Once again, this naughty position sparks a lot of imagination and turns her on even more. Have a plot of the story ready (boss and secretary) and have them both participate in the role play.

5. Have her lie on the edge of a table and spread her legs wide. If you feel uncomfortable, cover the furniture with pillows. Then you will hold both legs and penetrate her completely. This position allows for very deep penetration and is sure to give you an amazing orgasm. Once again, pace her and see her response. Gradually increase the speed of her thrusting to give her an orgasm.

Will These 5 Sex Positions Work? Try them tonight and see for yourself. What I can assure you is that by trying any of these positions tonight, you will break the lovemaking routine you have had for months/years and your lady will be delighted to see your effort.

However, knowing these 5 positions may not be enough: you have to give her a good time during intercourse to fully satisfy her in bed. In order to satisfy her during intercourse, you must last at least 5-10 minutes. Are you lasting long enough? If not, check out the bonus tip below for more information.

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